Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Are you there Blog? It's Me, Meredith

Remember the book by Judy Blume? Couldn't resist with the title of this post. So fitting. I feel so negligent. I promise I'll be a better mother to my child than I have been to this site. But I'm going to make up for it now. You wait and see...

I haven't posted about much in the last 6 months, except for the news of our baby boy, who is still making his home in my tummy at almost 33 weeks. Like a mugshot, my profile says it all.

I spent about two months this fall immersed in political work again (I know, I know- I thought I was finished with that phase of my life). Apparently not. I bought a Mac (on a loan until I could sell a kidney), wrote it off, and worked for an old boss who took a chance on a greenhorn like me. I designed printed pieces for mail. LOVE.

I died over this work. I mean, I hate to say that because really the only ones dying for something are Troops and Jesus (and I'm not making a mockery of either- I can say that as a Christian, military wife), but I totally ate it up. I loved it. I loved sitting in my pajamas all morning, coming up with color combos, catchy bullet points, and dealing with candidates. Too bad November 4th put an end to my work. But even with the primary season around the corner, I couldn't commit after that. The last six weeks of this spring's primary happen to be the first six weeks of Townes's life. But I'll attempt to pick it back up again this summer. Yes, there are races to be won (in Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi and Louisiana). On to the next creative outlet...

Over Christmas my mother (Scout) taught me how to crochet. Incidentally, it was over Thanksgiving that she had just taught herself how to crochet. That's just how Scout rolls. Since then, she's woven 6 stars for the Christmas tree, 3 scarves (at least), and a baby blanket. Not to mention all the other work she's done to enhance my life- those projects posted soon in my next post, "Make Room for Baby... Literally."
Scout and I had a ball fostering our creative spirits. We came up with some great designs for Maternity Hospital Gowns (hey, a girl's got to look good for her visitors). They even button at the shoulders for easy nursing. They are available in a few weeks at the Lexington shop, Cradle Will Rock Pretty soon, you'll also be able to purchase them in our Etsy Store. Along with some other items I've been creating for friends. For Alison, a dear friend who is less than 3 weeks behind me in her pregnancy... a door hanger with her son Woods's initials (SIDENOTE: having a child's name that ends in an "S" makes it difficult to feel grammatically correct. I tried doing a multiple plural "S" and writing Townes' but then someone on Facebook said, "Oh, his name is Towne." I digress....).

Later, I painted a 24x30 canvas to go over Townes's (see, again- an issue) crib. You'll see it all come together in my next post of his fabulous nursery- our most favorite room in the house. We keep going in there and sitting, like we can't wait for him to get here. Mostly, we just wish the rest of our house looked as good as our son's room. Oh well.

And last, a grouping of hostess mostess gifts- handpainted towels with artisan soap and these fabulous letterpress "Thank You" cards that my sister in law gave me. She's so great at gift-giving. I hope my Lexington shower hostesses think I am too. I thought about putting a tag on it that reads, "You can wash your hands however you want, but hand wash these towels cold." Funny? I'm not sure. I'll think about it.
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  1. Love that you are back to blogging! I mostly use a Lucas' :)

  2. I just saw the Edwards towel and got sooooooo excited! Remember how I wanted to put my wedding invitation on a towel but couldn't because it was horizontal? Well now I have something! And I noticed that you did red and grey :)